Let’s Build a Transparent Charity Foundation for the Kids in Need.

Funding medical treatments for children living in the more unfortunate countries. Starting from Belgrade, Serbia, and starting now.

Serbia is the number one country in Europe by the number of children sick with cancer. In the last 10 years, the number of children diagnosed with cancer increased by as much as 75%. One of the biggest problems of medical institutions in Serbia is outdated equipment and incredibly long waiting lists for hospital treatments. There is a transparent way to help — Blockchain.

Together, we have the power to change these numbers.

A lot of children struggle every day for a better quality of life and equal opportunities regardless of their social position.


Children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes every day


Children worldwide under the age of 5 do not get basic health care


Children will not develop properly this year because of the malnutrition
Child drawing on paper
Child sick of cancer

Why Donate Today?

We are at a crucial time in history where we have the ability to solve this essential problem. Act now.

100% Transparent

Instantly see and understand where are your donations going to and for which kid's treatment in particular.

No Middlemen

We use blockchain to send your donations directly to the hospitals for the specific children's treatment.

Sun glowing transparent

Fully Traceable

We will post everything related to children's treatments both on our website and in-app for traceability purposes.

Accepting Crypto

We accept donations only in cryptocurrencies as we believe it is the future for transparent and traceable transactions.

A word from our
founder & visioner

In this time of great progress and countless opportunities, we need kindness and generosity more than ever.

We need to lose our doubts and open our hearts to the ones in need. Global Sun Foundation has only one goal, and that is to help every single child who is out there, suffering, not knowing what next day is going to bring him. We use the revolutionary blockchain technology to make the process of giving untarnished and invulnerable.

Craig Sellars
— Craig Sellars, Founder, Global Sun Foundation

Meet our Kids

Join us in helping the little ones to put the smiles back on their faces by financing their treatments today.

Because under the sun, we are all the same.