We want to tell you a story. A story about a brave woman, about a beautiful family. A story which can have a happy ending, if we try hard enough.

Gordana Kerić grew up in the Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Spomenak” in Pančevo.

Gordana, her mother, and her sister were abused by her father and were forced to run away from their own home multiple times. Gordana and her sister were in foster care for some time. Every time they would come back to their mother, their father would find them and abuse them again. This is why they had no choice but to stay in “Spomenak”, where they grew up.

Later, Nikola appeared in Gordana’s life, a man who showed her what love is, a man who was love incarnate. His family practically adopted Gordana, and that was when they began their journey together.

Their love birthed two sons, Filip and Stevan. Today, they are five and seven years old respectively. Both of them are diagnosed with autism and attention disorder.

Today, in Knez Mihajlo Obrenović street in Arandjelovac, Gordana and Nikola live with their two sons in a small, dilapidated house with Nikola’s parents, his sister, and her two children.

A long time ago, Gordana’s in-laws were made redundant from the company they had worked for. They soon sold their one-bedroom apartment and bought a small house, where they live now with seven other family members.

The house they live in is not only small, but also in extremely bad condition, almost completely derelict and impossible to live in. The humidity often causes power shortages, and plaster crumbles off the walls. During the summer, they spend as much time as possible in the yard, but come winter their lives become almost unimaginable.

Gordana’s husband recently found a job and is the only one with income in the Kerić family of nine.

Filip (5) and Stevan (7) are diagnosed with autism and attention disorder, and they need an around-the-clock care and attention. This is why Gordana cannot take on an additional job aside from taking care of her sons. The only thing she has time for at the moment is making jewelry and selling it on social media.

Gordana’s mother-in-law picked raspberries, contributing to the family funds until recently, but she suffered two heart attacks, and therefore had to stop working.

Global Sun Foundation wants to help the Kerić family.

  • We donated a yard swimming pool to Gordana’s sons, Filip and Stevan.
  • We will help Gordana advertise her jewelry page so that she would also have a steady income.
  • We wish to raise funds and set up a small garage home, in order to expand their confined living space.
  • We wish to refurbish the rest of the Kerić house in Arandjelovac, and to fix all problems that make their everyday life more difficult.
  • This is just the beginning of the story about the Kerić family.

We will share the rest of the story soon when the wishes stated above become reality.

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