Global Sun Foundation donated computers and computer equipment to the bereft youth from the Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Spomenak” in Pančevo, which they needed in order to perform everyday activities. For the purpose of their further education, numerous courses will also be organized, which they will be free to take in order to acquire knowledge beneficial for their employment prospects and quicker integration into society after leaving the Home.



Dom Za Decu Spomenak PancevoHome for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Spomenak” is in Pančevo. It takes care of children and youth aged 7 to 26 without parental care, and those with developmental disabilities. Considering that it houses young people of various age, the needs of this home are more complex and diverse.


Computer donations and organizing courses

Global Sun Foundation donated computers to “Spomenak” home, which were necessary for performing various activities, from completing schoolwork to everyday online communication, fundamental for today’s lifestyle. In addition to that, numerous courses are being organized, in order for the youth to acquire additional skills and knowledge helpful for their future career options and integration into society after leaving the Home. The bereft children and youth from “Spomenak” showed interest in courses in photoshop, hairstyling, game development, and many others.


The stars of “Spomenak”

Aleksandar, one of the young adults in the Home in Pančevo, graduated in graphic design and is currently majoring in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He had three solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions. This boy of unbelievable talent was also interested in the possibilities of his future improvement.

Global Sun Foundation wants to help these young people at the very start of their life path, so they would have their basic needs fulfilled, which they were denied due to unfortunate circumstances. Using an education-based approach, we wish to provide them with the most adequate and the best possible preparation for their later life outside of the Home. Knowledge and skills acquired here will make their path to employment easier.

In this case, our goal was again to recognize the needs of the youth from the Home for bereft children and to attempt to devise a method for the resolution of problems and shortcomings of the system they live in.

Spomenak Pancevo

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