On the occasion of 162. birthday of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla on July 10th 2018, the Global Sun Foundation in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum organized activities which aimed to help children without parental care and to aid the ones suffering from serious illnesses treated at the medical centers in Serbia.


Children from “Zvečanska” at the Tesla Museum

Children from the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth, also known as “Zvečanska” (by the street where it is located), paid an organised visit to the Museum in Belgrade dedicated to the Serbian scientist, where they had a chance to be acquainted with the exhibition about Nikola Tesla, his discoveries, and life path, from his first encounter with science to his later reached scientific greatness.

Children from homes do not lack clothes, candy, or high tech gadgets. Above all, they need parental love, which is impossible to buy. They are deprived of kind words, support, and experience which parents share with their offspring – the most paramount need in any young person’s life that plays a large role in determining their life path. Global Sun Foundation organized the meeting of children from “Zvečanska” with the fantastic world of the great scientist, who himself had a difficult path and cruel fate, despite which he attained world recognition. Children from the Centre were delighted by the visit and the knowledge they gained from it.


Nikola Tesla visiting children with cancer

In cooperation with the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer “NURDOR”, as well as the Nikola Tesla Museum, activities were organised both at the Children’s Oncology Department at the Clinical Centre of Niš and the “NURDOR” parental accommodation in Niš, and the Department  of Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital Tiršova and the parental accommodation in Belgrade. The Nikola Tesla Museum curator dressed as the Serbian scientist told the children the story of Tesla’s incredible life path and his numerous discoveries and presented replicas of his inventions. The little ones had the opportunity to have a short peek into his laboratory via VR headsets. Companies Fashion Kids Serbia, Aksa Kids Mega Store, IMLEK Foto Digital Art, and Mayrex donated the means to make gift packages which were extended on that occasion. Children suffering from serious illnesses were delighted because of everything they had experienced that day, and because of the fact that Nikola Tesla visited them. They were made aware that they are not forgotten and that we are all rooting for them, that they are winners.

Unfortunately, statistical data shows that an increasing number of children develop cancer in Serbia. They and their parents have to face not only this life-threatening illness, but also numerous obstacles, due to the lack of material resources in health institutions across Serbia.

Departments of Health Centres in Serbia, where children suffering from serious illnesses are treated, often have but one psychologist, who cannot give adequate attention to all the children that require it. During the visits to the health institutions in Serbia, the Global Sun Foundation is also getting acquainted with the shortcomings of the Child Health Care Systems in Serbia and preparing programs and proposals to overcome them.

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