Thanks to the donation from Milica Karić and her husband Veljko Karić, the Global Sun Foundation organized a free 3D film projection of “Ant-man” in Ušće Shopping Centre cinema for the children from the Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Spomenak” in Pančevo.

When they arrived at the shopping center where they were supposed to watch the film whose private projection was organized specifically for them, the children from “Spomenak” were timidly strolling the hallways of Ušće, waiting in line to get popcorn. According to them, they were getting ready for this moment the entire day. Girls were doing their hair and picking out what to wear. For some of them, this was the first time they’d ever been to a cinema.

Since the Home takes care of “both big and small children” aged 7-26, that image was unusual: the seventeen of them, both big and small, waiting in line with their counselors. Soon they put on their 3D glasses and Hollywood superheroes began to do their stunts, jumping out from the screen towards them.

The children from “Spomenak” were widening their curious, bright, and cheerful eyes during their first encounter with a film on big screen. For other children, this may have been an ordinary day, a day when they would buy their friends popcorn and go see a film. However, for the youth of “Spomenak”, this was a special moment, a moment to remember. And there was nothing ordinary about it. On the contrary, everything was new and special. Children’s laughter was echoing in the cinema, popcorn was flying, and everything looked like happiness.

After the film, they were handed gift packages. Some of the children were smaller than their pack of sweets.

Soon they all gathered, and the youngest held their counselor’s hand, because it was time to go back. At that moment, next to a line of children from “Spomenak”, a mother who was buying a toy for her youngest son was passing, fathers who were refusing to buy their daughters dolls because they “already have a million”. That classical picture of a big shopping center in a big city was standing in unbelievable contrast to the picture life ruthlessly created.

The fact that a cinema was unknown to any child or young individual proves how hard their childhood is. But this event also shows that there is a path ahead of them, not an easy one, one harder than others’, but which will be unique and only theirs.

Because it is impossible to truly appreciate life if one has never found great joy in little things.

We will be there to help them feel this way often, to experience some ordinary joys, and never forget them.

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