Who are we?

Global Sun Foundation is the first humanitarian organization to use Blockchain technology for humanitarian purposes. Our headquarters are located in Puerto Rico, and our first agency was opened in Belgrade in order to provide adequate health care, education and other types of assistance to disadvantaged children.

The aforementioned Blockchain technology is absolutely transparent, on which Bitcoin is based (digital and global currency), and therefore it is possible to fully follow the money flow from the donor to the end user. Global Sun Foundation is also the only humanitarian organization in the world where the entire amount of a donation goes to humanitarian purposes.


What is our goal?

Our Foundation’s mission is to use the latest technologies in order to help sick children and support them with adequate health care as well as providing all kinds of assistance to children in need.

What have we achieved so far?

  • We have organized a special visit for the children from the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth to the Nikola Tesla Museum in coordination with this institution, as well as Museum curators’ visits to children across Serbia suffering from serious illnesses. We have delighted the children with packages and numerous educational contents.
  • We have provided the adolescents from the Home ’’Spomenak’’ (Home for Children Without Parental Care in Pančevo) with various courses so that after leaving the home they could get employment more easily and integrate into society better. There will soon be a donation of computer equipment that will help them in further training.
  • We have provided help to a family from Aranđelovac that lives in a worn household with two autistic sons.
  • We have helped the mother of a boy suffering from cerebral paralysis by paying for his treatment.
  • Many similar projects still await us.


Stay with us on this miraculous journey.

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